Maybe it’s a poem, Maybe it’s a prose. Maybe they mean the same, Maybe they don’t.

Maybe you suck, Maybe I do.

Maybe the Lannisters will win, Maybe the Starks will.

Maybe the title made you think this was something serious, Maybe you didn’t even read it, Maybe now you’ll read it. (Maybe now you’ve read it?)

Maybe the coffee will get cold, Maybe your numbness will.

Maybe the world is ending, Maybe it’s only starting.

Maybe the road less taken is taken less for a reason, Maybe the reason itself is that nobody takes it.

Maybe Liverpool will win the league, Maybe they.. Okay, no.

Maybe hypocrisy doesn’t exist, Maybe honesty is a lie.

Maybe jokes don’t make you laugh, Maybe I like to laugh at you.

Maybe love doesn’t exist, Maybe hate makes it easier.

Maybe flowers bloom to get plucked, Maybe unplucked flowers are gloomy themselves.

Maybe glasses are meant to be shattered, Maybe mirrors don’t reflect the true self.

Maybe life will give you lemons, Maybe chocolates, Maybe butter chicken with extra butter.

Maybe your clothes will get torn, Maybe your character will be sewn.

Maybe God will shower you with pain, Maybe Satan will curse you with joy.

Maybe she’s there, Maybe he’s not.

Maybe French Toast is fake, Maybe Pizza was a mistake.

Maybe you were an accident, Maybe we all are the same.

Maybe I rock, Maybe you paper, Maybe we scissors.

Maybe this doesn’t make any sense, Maybe this does make some sense.

Maybe it’s not about anything, Maybe it’s about everything.

Maybe ‘it’ is not even there, Maybe ‘that’ is insane.

Maybe you’ve lost interest, Maybe I have too.

Maybe, Maybe.

It’s Okay.

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