I have been waiting for this moment for over 30 years”, her husband said to himself, with a solemn smile on his face, as he saw her being dropped off at the gates.

It fascinated her, that whole place. There was a oneness there, a kind of calming quality one only finds on a cool December morning, when the sun is rising over the mountains, making the dew drops sparkle. She pushed the gates open – you had to do this yourself. It was a choice you were making, a decision which would alter the path that you had been walking for as long as you could remember. If she had decided not to open the gates, her son wouldn’t have had to say the following words –

I had been trying to avoid this moment for over a decade, but it is now upon us.” She entered.

She was walking. She was standing up straight.. There was no stick that she was having to carry to support herself.

She could see. There was no need for her to wear those glasses anymore.

She could hear. And yet, all she heard was silence.

So, this is what they mean by serenity’, she thought to herself.

She tried to run, for it had been years since she had last sprinted. But speed didn’t seem to matter anymore. Everything was moving, and yet, was stationary. She looked at her hands – the shaky fingers which had always made her morning cup of tea spill on her white clothes – now remained steady by her side.

She pinched herself, but it didn’t hurt.

She closed her eyes.






She opened her eyes.

Nothing changed. All was still the same. Everything was coloured in white and cream.

She put her hand on her chest. Nothing.

She looked up. . There was the sky. It seemed to be in a perpetual state of twilight.

She looked down. . There were clouds – Immense, Surreal. She saw her mother and her father in those clouds. ‘I missed you! I missed you so much ’, she muttered. Surprisingly, no tears came out of her eyes.

She started looking around. There was nothing. The gates from which she had entered, were nowhere to be seen. She wondered how long she had been walking now.

Her legs didn’t seem to tire. She was not wearing anything to protect them, either. But what was there to protect them from? No stones, no pebbles. No thorns, no spines.

She noticed her hands again. There were no rings on her fingers, no bracelets on her wrists, no uncut nails. No wrinkles.

She felt free. She felt relieved. She knew she had left a few pieces of herself behind. But she also knew that those pieces were the only things left for those left behind to remember her by.

Everything indeed comes at a price’, she said out loud to herself.

She continued walking. Or was she running? Was she even making any effort to move? Maybe it was all happening as it was meant to.

It was then that she saw him. He looked the same. That moustache, that hair.

That smile.

It was then that she realized. . Not all her feelings were dead.

She put her hand on her chest again. And felt something this time. She edged closer to him, and that something started to beat louder.

She reached him. He met her.

Both of them fell.

In love.



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