Come forth, ye lads of bonny strength.
Come forth! Defend your nations length
of land, of wealth and glory,
Ye’ll be part of a wondrous story.

Your name ,like mine will live forever
It’s a thrilling game, fierce and clever.
A devilish happy you shall be
when you plunge your knife through your enemy.

“My land!My love!”You shall cry
Slashing at intruders passing you by.
It was thus, for me, when I was young
‘Victory and honor!’ was spoken by every tongue.

For a while , I was happy,grand and proud.
They called me brave, sang it out loud.
A ‘living martyr’ was I, a savior to all;
the lad who answered the Soldier’s call!

But then a blackness in my mind -an evil, struck.
I felt bad, in spite of my luck.
That was when a light, a melancholy one,
lit my soul, a deed was done

Suddenly it struck; It dawned on me.
I wondered where the other lads might be.
Beside me, they had fought,sacrificing their lives
leaving behind lovers, parents, children and wives.

‘Was it necessary?’,I wonder
Or have these leaders just made another big blunder?
Earth has enough to satisfy our needs,
but it too, is just a tramp,before man’s greed.

For no reason at all, countries fight.
land’s land, water’s water. But glory’s light
drew and attracted us, one and all,
rushing forth just to answer that piper, and dance to the soldiers call.

About The Author

Kavya Joseph

Just a girl on a quest to understand herself and her country.

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