I stood lost and all alone
On that deserted garden
Where memories dear and old,
fierce and cold;
came back to my coagulated self.
What memories they were,what memories!
That enlighten one’s mind.

One day a child of three or four
was running,before,
she saw a little wounded pup
and all joyous carried it home for Sup.
Now that wounded pup,no more,
no joyous bark is heard
The garden yearns for its noisy companions,what memories!

Now older ,a six year old
watched anxiously as her dear dad;
put up a swing for her on a beautiful willow.
Yet there it stands now, old and mellow.
No laughter greens its leaves,what memories!

Still older now, a hearty eight,
is smiling at her b’day party
At the garden, her friends now play
tag with the glittering butterflies, behind the pretty bushes.
Yet here now in the garden lay,the bushes all asunder
The butterflies,now no more there,miss their former playmates.What memories!

A pretty child of ten is coming back home now,
her face is blotched,her eyes puffed, being teased by the very same friends;
Ignoring her mothers outstretched hands
She ran to her dear tree house
where she sobbed with all her  might.
a broken child she was that day,a pitiable sight.
Yet now, that li’l tree house has
become a broken thing
No soul mate left, to console
a dust wooden heat remains; what memories!

A twelve year old, a bonny child
Now laments at her mother,she says,
“I wish I were as pretty as Susan May!”
“Darling, just remember,God made you the gem that you are .”
What beautiful words they were,
what a beautiful place to counsel,
Yet now that place stands,some deserted air,
a counselor without a counsel.What memories!

She has grown ,to be 14 years of age
The garden has begun to show signs of desert.
‘Cause the girl stays in,day and night ,
chatting on her phone.
Occassionaly she comes, a book in hand
to lie on a hammock, which hath long replaced the swing
Yet the hammock,hangs now alone
under that very willow,its owner having having left,what memories!

Two years later, that girl, is shouting at her dad,
“Let me pierce my nose ,or else,
or else I will be mad!”
He did not consent, she stormed off,
off to Susan May’s house,
Her parents, she left bewildered,
wondering what happened to the child.
The tree house, no longer her console,
but what choice did it have?~What memories!

‘Tis night,that eighteen year old child
Now creeps out of her window,
a rucksack rests upon her back,
a letter in her hand.
She tiptoes on the garden lawn,both
eyes brimming with tears.
The lawn, now, it braces itself,for a
goodbye without a goodbye.
She meets her ‘lover’,and then
both run away, together
not once did she turn back,not once,
did she think of the broken hearts,
that she would leave behind;in order to save her own.What memories!

Just weeks  later, her lover leaves,
She’s left to face the world.
Her heart now realizes her one and only love.
Her proud heart forces her to stay,
to learn to live.
Little did she know then,
her parents and garden were ,
still awaiting her return.What memories!

Still some twenty years have passed
A forty year old lady,
is now standing in the lone garden.
Her eyes brimming with tears,just as when they left;
Lonely now, she understood, she could no longer console them,
no  longer be consoled, she wept.
Little did she realize, she had grown to be me,
a lonely me was left, with a deserted garden,
a tree house, a hammock……..and memories.

About The Author

Kavya Joseph

Just a girl on a quest to understand herself and her country.

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