The moon is exceptionally beautiful today. It glows like the face of a happy bride. I just had to mark the occasion down somewhere so I would remember it forever.

To the hundreds of thousands of souls that look at you every night, usually reminiscing on a beautiful thought.

To the millions of hopeless romantics who have compared your beauty to that of their loved ones.

To the mythical bird that feeds on your moonlight, and to the cow that was able to jump over you.

To being my companion. You light up the night, and we should all  strive to be like you.

I’m glad you came close. I’m glad you kept me company on the dark days.

Here’s to hoping the sun never stops making you glow.

I wish I could catch a piece of you to wear on a chain around my neck, but you’re a wild thing meant to shine among the stars. So I have to let you go.

Just know that I’ll be looking on in pleasure, with just a twinge of pain. I may just be one speck in the sand to you, but there’s no other moon for me.

Love and nothing else.

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Kavya Joseph

Just a girl on a quest to understand herself and her country.

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